About Herbal Bath Teas

Shown above:  An up close look at the contents of the Herbal Blend Bath Tea: A bountiful blend of herbs such as lavender, jasmine, chamomile, lemon balm, mint & more!

Using herbal bath teas is a great way to relax and soak away the stress of the day! Relaxing in a nice hot bath infused with herbs such as lavender, chamomile, mint, jasmine, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and many more is not only soothing but it’s great for your skin! Herbal teas are great for toning and softening the skin as well. How do you use a bath tea you might ask? Well a bath tea is just like a drinking tea except it’s usually packaged in an oversized tea bag. It’s comprised with various herbs such as those mentions above as well as green tea and many others. All in which are great for the skin and is so relaxing. You would take the tea bag and and add it to the tub using very hot water and then adjusting the water to your liking once the tea bag starts to steep just like you would your drinking tea. You can also boil water in a sauce pan and then add you tea bag steep and then add your herb infused tea water to your bath. The very first time I’d taken an herbal tea bath I loved it and was hooked ever since. Although, I don’t use the bath teas all the time. I do however use it occasionally after a long day or if I just want to create a home spa experience. We started creating our herbal teas with the thought to offer a little bit of the spa experience in the comfort of your own home at a very affordable cost. Sometimes we are so busy in our lives we don’t have time to stop in at the spa. This way you can light some candles, have a cup of your favorite herbal drinking tea, and then soak away in a relaxing herbal tea bath as well! You can purchase our assorted herbal bath teas online @! Enjoy! ~Janie Brodie, Brodie’s Naturals LLC