Spring Is In The Air!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons! The temperatures are usually just right! The insects aren’t too bad, which makes it comfortable to be outdoors! When the sun is shining, its a great time to go out and soak up some Vitamin D. When it’s raining, I still love it, because I know my flowers will be beautiful and bountiful once they bloom! In the spring, I tend to plan what flowers and herbs I will grow this spring/summer months. I love color, so in the spring my I enjoy Irises, Tulips, Azaleas, and Daffodils! In the summer months, I love roses, Lilies, Marigolds, Zinnias, Black Eyed Susan, Petunias, and Peonies. Some of the herbs I tend to grow are Mint, Lemon Balm, Cilantro, and occasionally Rosemary.

Some of the activities that are fun to enjoy in the spring are long walks in the park, biking riding, garden shows, impromptu visits to the ice cream shop, outdoor seating at restaurants when available and so much more. I love grilling and eating out on the deck at home, with an occasional glass of wine, playing card games, and laughing with friends & family. Sometimes, I just enjoy sitting out and reading a good book or browsing through a magazine. I love it out there even more once the flowers start to bloom, it’s so pretty and relaxing. If the temperature is right, we tend to be out there until way after it’s dark and then we can light up our outdoor umbrella lights and candles. I am getting excited just thinking about it all. What do you enjoy about spring?

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