Coffee Scrub Benefits

Coffee scrubs are great to use in the morning! They can be used from head to toe! It’s a great facial scrub! Not only for coffee lovers do you get that nice coffee aroma to help you wake up in the shower, but you get all the added benefits it brings! Coffee when used as a scrub regularly helps to reduce the site of cellulite. Coffee grounds when used as a topical exfoliate helps to increase blood flow to the skin. When used as a scrub it not only removes dirt and dry skin cells, but it leaves the new softer skin and healthy cells behind. All you need is a small amount of your coffee scrub mixture to your hand or wash cloth and gently rub all over skin adding more as needed to reach all desired areas and rinse with warm water, leaving behind soft supple skin! You don’t want your water too hot as it removes the natural body oils also on the skin and can dry your skin. Here’s a link below to our peppermint coffee scrub below! It’s vegan and all natural! It has the wonderful duo smell of peppermint and coffee! A great way to start your day!

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