Summer Is Here!

Summer is here!  A great time to stock up on your summer favorite products!  Rid dry skin! Soothe, protect, and reveal glowing skin naturally with our variety of exfoliating body scrubs and body butters! 
Our new Nourishing Blend Clay exfoliating facial scrub is enriched with Kaolin Clay & Aloe Vera is a great addition to your favorite  facial cleanser.   It can be used as a facial mask or scrub, leaving soft clean supple skin!   Great to use for sensitive skin!
If you like fruity scents, than our Mango Bliss is sure to please!   Duo action of cocoa butter and shea butter to relieve dry skin and give you a little shine!
Our body butters are all comprised of a bountiful blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, grape seed oil, vitamin E, & Citronella essential oil. Citronella essential oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties which is great to use on the skin when used with a carrier oil.  This butter is great for warding off mosquitoes and other insects naturally, while nourishing your skin!  Awesome to use at cookouts and outdoor events!
Our Apricot Freesia body scrub is sure to please! Sea salts infused with olive oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E, fruit seeds, and fragrance! Great exfoliation, leaving your skin soft and nourished! Wonderful fruity apricot fragrance! Great to use as a hand and foot scrub also!
Coconut Lemongrass Body Scrub & Butter Combo consists of your choice body scrub(12oz), natural body butter (8oz)! A duo that’s sure to moisturize and soften your skin.
Soothe tired feet with our Herbal Foot Soak available in 12 oz. pouch. Made with menthol, dead sea salts, Sodium Bicarbonate(Baking Soda)!  Also helpful in aiding to rid foot odor.  Add a little to your foot spa or foot tub for a relaxing treat for your feet.

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